What is 'The Truth Project'?

The Truth Project is designed to assist career advisors by empowering students to create an inspiring vision for their future. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will engage in a one-day program that motivates, educates and resonates. It will enhance the student’s knowledge and encourage a more positive post-school journey. The Truth Project program bridges the gap between young people and the real story behind industries, workplaces, education and their own self-belief.

Interactive workshops

Each year group will participate in a series of workshops allowing students to put theory into practice

Keynote speakers

Our presenters all under the age of 30 range from musicians through to CEO’s taking students through their own journeys of their teen years and life beyond school

Data-driven content

All content has been developed to align with the National Career Education Strategy framework and has been synthesised from Year13’s reports


The brains behind the project

Hannah Bevis

Hannah Bevis


Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson


Saxon Phipps

Saxon Phipps


Harry Dimitroff

Harry Dimitroff



Times subject to change depending on your school’s times


Our presenters MOTIVATE through a series of videos, animations, data, workshops & personal stories. Through this module, we will present an inspiring view of the future by encouraging students to identify their own strengths, develop an in-depth understanding of what intrinsically motivates them and broaden their understanding of the many pathways available to them. We pose questions that require the students to answer for themselves, not ones they can copy from their peers.

In part one of this workshop, students are encouraged to consider the concept of 'perspective' after visualising a timeline of their life and goals and will learn about the impact of their choices and decisions. In part two, students will develop their knowledge of the many post-school pathways available to them over the next few years. They will gain an in-depth understanding of how to use data in order to evaluate their various careers options and learn about the future of employment as well as the benefits and data surrounding Vocational Education & Training (VET).

Key Points for Student Outcomes

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of personal intrinsic motivations
  • Develop perspective around the timeline of life & the impact of choices
  • Identify personal strengths & weaknesses
  • Gain an understanding of the future of employment
  • Understand the myths and facts surrounding vocational education


Our presenters EDUCATE through a series of workshops, personal stories, real-life examples and data. Through this module, it is our mission that students realise the importance of goal setting and set their own goals based on their intrinsic motivations, understand how their strengths relate to their skills, identify transferable skills and learn how to interpret data to help with career and life decisions.

We engage the students in activities that ask them to consider their wildest dreams, then break these down into smaller steps with the encouragement of their peers and relate their personal strengths to real life skills and careers. Students hear from Tim Cook, the CEO of apple and learn about how Spotify has used data to accomplish their goals, and thus how data can be used to fuel their own decision-making.

Student Outcomes:

  • An in-depth understanding of goal setting and how to make a plan
  • Insight into personal strengths and relating them to skills in real careers
  • A strong understanding of how to interpret data to empower their decisions


15 min Workshop


Our presenters RESONATE with the emotions and experiences of students through a series of personal stories, videos, infographics, statistics, music and questions. We present Year 12 with a vision of what life out of school actually looks like and a timeline of the transition from high school to the real world. We aim to alleviate some of the stress around Year 12 by empowering the students with data. We discuss gap years and plans after school, again using statistics to highlight the benefits of considering travel as a post-school option. We break down the myths of the school-to-life transition by analysing popular music and storytelling. We pose questions that allow the students to develop their plans and widen their perspective.

Student Outcomes:

  • Contemplate life out of school and develop a realistic vision
  • Empower students with data
  • Effectively combat stress and develop resilience
  • Understand the benefits of GAP years



The Truth Project Information Pack

The Truth Project has been developed utilising Year13’s ‘motivate, educate, resonate’ engagement method. Over the past six years, Year13 has been able to analyse trends in how young people consume content and the number of touch points required before they make an action. We have found that our audience highest engagement came when we:



After The ATAR Reports

The After The ATAR reports explores the key factors that young people (15-24) have highlighted as the influences upon the decision making process about their future.

We recevied 12,00 responses from the youth, allowing us to explore their transitional journey, so that educators and employers can gain critical insight into the mind of today’s young people. In doing so, we hope to facilitate a greater understanding of what needs to be done to communicate with youth more effectively



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