Our presenters EDUCATE through a series of workshops, personal stories, real-life examples and data. Through this module, it is our mission that students realise the importance of goal setting and set their own goals based on their intrinsic motivations, understand how their strengths relate to their skills, identify transferable skills and learn how to interpret data to help with career and life decisions.

We engage the students in activities that ask them to consider their wildest dreams, then break these down into smaller steps with the encouragement of their peers and relate their personal strengths to real life skills and careers. Students hear from Tim Cook, the CEO of apple and learn about how Spotify has used data to accomplish their goals, and thus how data can be used to fuel their own decision-making.

Student Outcomes:

  • An in-depth understanding of goal setting and how to make a plan
  • Insight into personal strengths and relating them to skills in real careers
  • A strong understanding of how to interpret data to empower their decisions